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In a world awash with content, it’s ever more important for brand stories to stand out. Kontent Creative delivers campaigns that change minds and consumer behavior. Our feature films, TV programming, brand films and commercials have screened internationally and garnered worldwide industry recognition.


We make story powered advertising, films, TV shows, and branded content that invites audience participation.


Kontent Creative Team



  • Creative Development

    • You have a goal in mind, but aren’t sure how to get there. You want to grab your audience and help inspire them to take action, change their behavior, or affect public policy.  Maybe you’re b-corp isn’t as well known as you want, and you want your brand to shine. Whatever your vision or goal, you need creative solutions to help realize them. Kontent Films can help with anything from developing great storytelling to get a message out with film and video, to invigorate your online presence on web and social, or produce captivating  print material for press kits, curriculum, or other transmedia campaigns including apps, and cutting edge interactive new media. We have some very creative thinkers that can bring your vision to life in ways you may have never imagined. Contact Kontent Films with your idea, and we’ll help develop that idea into something tangible, something that gets the point across in a unique and visually interesting way.

  • Scripting / Copywriting

    • Whether you need help with script writing, copywriting, a Script Supervisor, Kontent Films can work with you to produce a script you can be proud of and that translates well to the cast, crew, and most importantly, your audience. Kontent Films has written, co-written and worked on hundreds of scripts.

      Industry standard script software like Final Draft 10, or Adobe Story only helps with formatting.  Telling good stories includes a lot of elements like believable dialogue, good pacing, structure, and story arcs. If you’d like to adapt a novel into a screenplay, the tricky part is knowing what will work for an on-screen narrative and what will not. You may have a good working draft, but there’s something missing, or the story is there, but it just needs a little more polish. You might also want to consider using Fade In, or WriterDuet for more collaborative cloud-based projects to import into Final Draft later for integration with scheduling and budgeting programs.

  • On-Air Design Packaging

    • If you have a multi-camera webcast or live streaming project, or want to shoot live interactive interviews,  or broadcast live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll want some great visuals. Whether this live shoot that you are producing is using a mobile production unit with a satellite uplink outdoors, or the live shoot is at a live television studio like KTVU in Oakland, CA, to produce a live show, it is far better to have motion graphic design elements pre-programmed for you to source from for your lower thirds for the correspondents, interviewees, or talent, than to use generic in-house options. If you want your brand to come alive with  compelling title sequences, intro, and outros, for your broadcast, along with animated media presentations to show with your presenter on the green screen, contact Kontent Films to help you produce the best package of visual elements to add to the screen while your show is live on-air.

  • Brand Strategy

    • Kontent Films is a great asset if you are needing help with your brand strategy. If you’ve got an interesting new non-profit, and want to build your brand identity, how do you get to where you want to go from only a concept, or vision? There are many different aspects related to your brand, from your mission statement and online positioning, to your public persona in the media, whether in print,  or on television, in videos, and in film. Kontent films has all the bases covered to bring your brand to life in the public eye. From press releases, video segments, to your digital properties, we can help guide you on the best strategies to entice your audience. Whether you want to appeal to potential investors, or shape public opinion on topics important to you, we can help you manifest your goals to help fulfil your mission. That is what strategy is all about, and we thrive on making things happen.

  • Influencer Sourcing / Supervision

    • Kontent Films works with talent agencies to build a better reputation for your brands and bring the right kind of attention to your project.   A major game changer comes in the way of exposure with brand ambassadors, people who can influence behavior with one tweet, or a shout out or mention on their video feeds, online shows, or broadcast programs syndicated on national television. Celebrities and web celebrities can make a major difference in public opinion. If you can get your message out to a wider audience in a shorter amount of time, that might be worth the extra investment. Let’s say you have a great new cruelty free product that you are launching with the Whole Foods chain.  You can market everything yourself, or you can be ahead of the game and have well known plant based recipe bloggers rave about your product.

  • Brand Look Books

  • Motion Design

    • Eye-catching visuals are an industry standard for online video, broadcast television, and films. The art of this ever growing technical field has produced it’s own sub-section of the industry, called VFX.   Motion Graphic Design incorporates a multi-disciplined workflow including software from Adobe’s Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, to Nuke from The Foundry for high-end compositing and 3D compositing, Fusion 8 for particle generation, Cinema 4D for 3D modeling, and animation, or Maya for high-end 3D texturing. Many of these kinds of software have a steep learning curve, so working with an experienced artist is important as it will save you on both time and money. With online video on the rise,  motion graphics are the best way to present ideas in an engaging way. For examples of motion graphic design from Kontent Films, view our GFX reel on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDa5m0Pa_yc

  • Storytelling

  • Social Content Strategy

    • Kontent Films understands the importance of appealing to your audience. With the ever increasing use of smart phones, social strategy has become a cornerstone to good SEO, and brand identity.

      You have a message and are hoping to inspire your audience to action - be it from visiting your website, buying a product, signing a petition, donating to a cause, or sharing your content within their own networks and helping make it “go viral.” Social content strategy isn’t just about broadcasting your own voice with some custom hashtags on your social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat.   Strategy also includes building your network, building relationships B2B, or B2C, and engaging with others. It’s about sharing relevant information, providing mentions, and making sure your copy is on point, and it could also include marketing campaigns and tracking the efficacy of those campaigns. Kontent Films can help you with your social media.


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