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MARC HEAL | Content Development

Marc is a branded content specialist who has worked on TV and online campaigns across the globe.

Originally from London, UK, Marc wasted his youth (and then some) in the music industry. Upon regaining consciousness, he cut his content teeth in sponsorship, working on integrated TV and digital campaigns for channels such as Sky, Channel 4 and the BBC. Memorable projects included Microsoft’s sponsorship of The Simpsons (d’oh!), Bodyform’s sponsorship of The Hills and several projects for Intel’s Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign. He also created and produced the BBC World News TV series Changing Fortunes, sponsored by Coutts bank.

Before arriving in California Marc spent five years working from Singapore across China, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. While in Asia he worked on campaigns for Nestle, BMW, the UK Department of Trade and Industry, Fitness First, Dulux, UOB, Colgate, Subaru and many others. His credits include the FOX networks’ series Bolt of Talent (starring impressive-hair singing legend Michael Bolton), Star World’s The Apartment seasons 3 & 4 (starring acerbic design guru Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen) and NBC’s Wendy vs The World (starring love-her-or-hate-her Singaporean mega-blogger, Xiaxue). In partnership with Group M Entertainment (now Motion Group) he sold the format Manbirth into Beijing TV, briefly China’s top rated TV show.