How Much Does A Brand Video Cost?


It’s a dread question at Kontent Films, because the answer is, “It depends what you want.” If you are considering a brand video, there are some points to consider that will affect the price.

These days anyone with an iphone can be their own film director. That’s given video a reputation for being cheap to produce. And it can be. If you’re a blogger talking celebrity gossip from your bedroom there’s no need to spend much money.

However, it’s different when making films that represent your brand. No doubt you will want to grip the viewer and make your product look stunning. Higher quality video production will take more thought, staff, equipment, and technical skill which means investing some money.

When budgeting for a project, here are a few factors to consider:


Where will your video be shot? Have you decided on a place, or do you need a Location Scout? Have you already confirmed the location for availability, suitability and any permissions needed? Every additional location (even if it’s only down the road) requires a new set-up, which takes time. Will you need additional footage? We call this supplemental story telling footage, B Roll. And one of our mottos is “God is in the B-roll” because a picture says a thousand words. Lastly, going overseas, or to remote locations is obviously more expensive. But if you are planning on shooting in the Caribbean, please call. Especially in the winter months.

Cameras, Sound and Lighting

Why do some videos look so much better than others? The quality of camera and lighting equipment is very important. iPhones, are pretty damn much 4K these days, but the main advantage of the pro cameras from Canon, Sony and Arri, are that they have bigger sensors, better picture control, and the ability to swap high quality lenses to get the shot. And don’t forget about professional sound. Proper microphones, location selection and good monitoring can make all the difference. Another Kontent-ism: “Nothing makes a video look worse than poor sound.”    

While the right gear can deliver that big screen quality, the equipment is only as good as the people operating it. Knowing how and when to shoot is an art that pays off on screen. Just as important is the lighting set-up, which takes time to get right. For example, lighting food to look vibrant and appetizing requires a keen eye, patience, and a specialist skill set. The same with cars, or mobile phones or people.


Who is in the video? Yes of course you can do a simple piece talking into camera, but unless your interview subject is extraordinarily charismatic, is that really enough to grip a viewer these days? Will you want multiple voices - testimonials from customers, suppliers, partners? Using an experienced presenter or voiceover artist will always produce slicker results, but of course will cost more. Skilled acting talent will make a simple TV commercial come to life but will add to costs. And if you want Morgan Freeman to do your voiceover, who by the way, we’ve written for, then be prepared to pay for that distinction.


By graphics, we mean any text, images, motion graphic design, or animations intercut with or overlaid on the camera footage, like lower third text, illustrations, or interesting title sequences. It is very rare to see videos that do not contain any graphics. Static titles are cheap. Simple animation is a little more pricey. Full-blown 3D-modelling of spaces or bodies will be more expensive still. When it comes to graphics, anything is possible. If you want an army of orcs charging through an enchanted forest brandishing your product, Kontent Films can deliver. What you can budget for however, will ultimately decide what a realistic amount of graphics can be applied to your project.


The pace and structure of a video is decided after the shooting is complete. The production dailies are organized, selected, and parsed in the edit room. A skilled editor can transform a pile of rough footage into a polished, exciting film. Not only that, but the quality of different shots can be enhanced by adjusting the on-screen colors and grading the footage for consistency, or a distinctive look that reflects your brand guidelines, giving it that indefinable visual “polish”.

Post-production is also where the sound design of the film comes together – not only the voices and ambience, but also sound effects and music. It’s amazing how combining the right piece of music with film can trigger emotions of empathy, pride, or optimism. But all this requires skilled professionals from video editors, to color correction specialists, sound designers and post-production sound editors. With the right team of post-production extraordinaires on your project paired with the magical ingredient of time, your finished project will be dazzling.

Kontent Films would love to discuss your brand video with you. Every project is different, and with our experience, we can make (almost) any budget work. I hope this gives you some starting thoughts when considering the creative scope and price of your film. Contact Kontent Films, and we can help answer any questions you may have to  budget your next production.

Written by Marc Heal