RON DAVID WALTER | Director, Storyteller

Ron David Walter (the man with three first names) thrives as a multi-disciplinary creative threat. With a history of creating successful marketing programs, he tells brand stories across multiple media platforms. RDW's approach to storytelling is a mash-up of career skills that spans the Swiss Army knife of disciplines: strategy, design, art direction, and writing. Creativity that takes on chameleon-like forms of long format television programs to digital content to social media programs. 

Ron has created a thick portfolio of brand narratives from a diverse mix of genres. From The North Face's "Never Stop Exploring" (a storyline that continues to lead the brand's marketing) to Sierra Mist's "Funny Breaks", a generative brand story machine. He also has extensive experience working with social influencers, mentoring them to successfully integrate brands into their massively followed content.

Ron now joins the Kontent Production's team to bring in his directorial storytelling skills to create a lasting name for himself. Hopefully a last name for himself, as well.


See more of Ron's work at Hello, Walter.