"i speak acronym."



NICOLE SCOTT | Digital Strategist


Nicole C. Scott is a rare breed. Or should we say type. Myers Briggs type INFJ: an Idealist - the rarest type that exists in only an estimated 2% of the population. And we agree, Nicole is a rare specialty who we welcome wholeheartedly.

Scott graduated with honors in the early 2000’s at SF State in Cinema, so she’s no stranger to film and media. She’s provided professional digital strategy services to entertainment, media, film, and agency sectors for over a decade. With impeccable integrity, who knows her stuff, and gets things done -- the go-to-gal for all things digital and inbound marketing strategy. It's all about overall optimization in all aspects of the digital realm. From search engine optimization, web and social optimization, to messaging, branding, communications and marketing, its all about improved strategy, improved content, and increased return on investment in time and resources.

A member of the Theosophical Society, and a lifetime learner, Nicole also took a test to see if she was right or left brained and discovered she is center-brained -- equal parts creative and analytical. We think that puts her in the .02% rarified category. Lucky for us.