Déjà vu.  America 2017 is not so different from America 1967.

Once again, it’s time for all modern Hippies to wear a flower in their hair and head to San Francisco to reconnect, recharge and relive the magical, cosmic, mind expanding event where modern activism was born.

This summer San Francisco is rolling out the tie-dyed carpet for an expected 150,000 visitors to celebrate The Summer of Love’s 50th Anniversary. And, given the current political climate in America this event is sure to resonate with generations globally and be heavily covered by the media and mentioned in many social conversations. 

At Kontent Films we see this as an opportunity for Twitter to harness the energy of the celebration to amplify the new counterculture movement – people taking action by working to make their communities better.  

Together, Twitter and Kontent Films will make this the summer that “Love Generations” unite to make a difference.