Deja vu.  America 2017 is not so different from America 1967.  

Modern Hippies pack your bags, it's time to head to San Francisco and join the new revolution.

This summer, 150,000 people are expected to trip to San Francisco and celebrate The Summer of Love 50th Anniversary.  Given the current political climate in America this anniversary is sure to resonate with generations globally and be heavily covered by the media and mentioned in social conversations. 

At Kontent Films we see this as an opportunity to harness the energy of the celebration to amplify the new counterculture movement – people who are working to make their communities better.

With the Levi’s roll out of the Summer of Love Collection, perhaps there is a unifying media platform that further resonates with The Summer of Love anniversary and the current political climate.

Together, let’s make this the summer that ‘Love Generations’ unite to make a difference.