This year marks the 50th Anniversary the Summer Of Love. Now is a good time to remember what it was all about.  

In the summer of 1967 over 100,000 young people converged in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury for what has become known as The Summer of Love. 

They were called hippies and flower children. They were dismissed as freaks and peaceniks. But what they imagined together began changing the world.

The music, the creativity, and the community created something incredibly special, unforgettable, and important. It was the awakening of a generation who began focusing on the environment, on social justice and on peace. That inspiring and positive work continues today. 

We need to look at those stories again, with fresh eyes.  Now is the time.

Now more than ever America needs a good dose of The Summer of Love. 




Déjà vu.  America 2017 is not so different from America 1967.

Once again, it’s time for all modern Hippies to wear a flower in their hair and head to San Francisco to reconnect, recharge and relive the magical, cosmic, mind expanding event where modern activism was born.

This summer San Francisco is rolling out the tie-dyed carpet for an expected 150,000 visitors to celebrate The Summer of Love’s 50th Anniversary.  And, given the current political climate in America, this event is sure to resonate with generations globally and be heavily covered by the media and mentioned in social conversations. 

At Kontent Films we see this as an opportunity to harness the energy of the celebration to amplify the new counterculture movement – people taking action by working to make their communities better.  

Together, we’ll make this the summer when ‘Love Generations’ unite to make a difference.   




“Love Generations” is a series of videos that brings together generations to celebrate the cultural and social influences of The Summer of Love.

What threads of influence did the counterculture have on the social, political and creative movements of today?  This series of short videos pairs up individuals of all ages to participate in The Summer of Love by exploring the current climate of activism.

Together, they’ll work on a project to commemorate the spirit of the counterculture movement.  The two of them sharing something in common like art, music or the environment (to name a few) that will be the central theme for the project they take on. 

To help out, we’ll call for like-minded individuals to join in the projects. Summer of Love micro flash mobs coming together to improve their communities. The new counterculture powered by social media.

Where do we go from here?  While working, they’ll share their stories and thoughts on the social and political climates and leave the viewer with some tips and guidance to be an activist in their own communities.

It’s time that people shared their passions with the world to create the change they want to see.




The Projects

1. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER - (Series Set Up)

Series introduction is a call to action. A filmmaker teams up with an author to make a short film about the counterculture influence on (local) activism today. By juxtaposing 1967 to 2017, the storyline will draw parrallels between then and now.  History repeats itself – let’s get it right this time!


A Fillmore era poster artist joins forces with a graffiti artist. Together they paint a wall on Haight Street with a message for the masses. On the wall is an outline of Ken Kesey’s bus ‘Further’ for them to fill with art and slogans. Alt: they paint a real school bus.


An organic farmer and a young chef rehab a neglected community garden to feed the local community. Together they cook up a resolution to assist food-challenged families in SF. 


A sustainable architect and an artist design and build an energy-producing sculpture that would make any ‘off the grid’ Hippie proud. The artwork is on display during the summer.


A poet and a hip hop / rap musician mashup some rhymes. Together they explore the role music plays in getting the message out. Musical activism is alive and thriving.


A city planner takes a ride with a bike transportation advocate. Together they organize a bike parade in Golden Gate Park to promote alternative transportation. Maybe participants have to dress up as Hippies.


An equal rights activist and a young social media creative work together to create a campaign for LBGT acceptance. The protest march meets social media.


To host the projects we’ll cast SF locals who are knowledgable about local activism and have expertise related to the project. To join them we'll find diverse individuals, with complementary skills, who are voicing their opinions and fighting for what is right. We'll focus on influencers in the actvist community to play a role and help socialize the program.

Pairings will reflect generations coming together. 


We will use recognizable locations in and around the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and Golden Gate Park. 




Brand Role

It is critical that the role your brand plays in this program is authentic and genuine. Our team at Kontent Films is staffed with experienced advertising strategists and creatives who will work with you to shape this program to fit your brand objectives. 

Social Interaction

New York, London, Tokyo. Take part in the celebration wherever you are by posting your photo on the scrolling panoramic of Hippie Hill using #lovegenerations. Be there and let your freak flag fly for all to see. 

If I were a Hippie, I’d __________. Share your voice to start your movement. Release your inner-activist using the Love Generations placard maker to rally your friends and tell the establishment how you’d make the world a better place. 

Fillmore Concert Poster selfie-maker. Select art from the Vintage Art Shop, inpsired by the legendary Fillmore Auditorium free concert posters, and create your hippie-delic selfie.


Sweepstakes — enter to win a trip to San Francisco and take part in a number of curated Summer of Love events. And be a modern Hippie by taking part in a social impact project to better a SF community, neighborhood or organization.  


We will work with the brand team to develop a media and content distribution plan. 


To realize the program potential we recommend producing 4 - 6 videos (storylines). We are experienced content producers and can adjust creative to work within your budget. 


Love Generations, groovy man. 

"You're either on the bus or off the bus," Ken Kesey would tell his Merry Pranksters on the great bus trip. Well, we're on the bus and we have a seat for you. 

Being San Francisco natives (and activists), we are pretty psyched about the approaching 50th Anniversary and the potential to link it with the current happenings of today.

This inspired us to do what we do – create content that invites audience participation.

 “Love Generations” is concieved with the goal to bring all generations, ethnicities, and genders together to celebrate and continue the movement started by the counterculture. 

Kontent Films invites you to join in the festivities this summer and be a catalyst for waking the inner-activist in all generations.

We think this is a groovy idea for you and will follow up to talk it through (and we promise not to use too much 60's lingo).

Peace. Stay cool.

Ron and Mark




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