"stiff upper lip."


LAURA MARKS | Producer

Like any great producer, Laura Marks has years of real world experience and extensive training. But nothing has prepared her better for producing than her four years as a nursery school teacher. Don’t read anything into that. We know you’re probably thinking that she approaches all productions as if she’s working with toddlers: keeping all of them focused and on schedule, allowing them to play and create, all the while keeping tantrums to a minimum. Hmmm...

She may be on to something. And maybe why she’s been so successful with major brands like Disney, Sony, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Apple, Seagate, Royal Viking Cruise Line, and Princess Hotels International. Her long and short form projects have also included series and documentaries for Public Television. She has traveled worldwide producing films with dramatic themes, challenging location requirements, and complex post production special effects. Laura can also oversee multiple projects, as a short day player or on longer term projects that require ongoing supervision for the changing needs of crew, travel, and production schedules.

Laura is also a damn good singer and musician (performing back-up for T-Bone Burnett at Fantasy Records). It probably came in handy back in her teacher days. If things ever get too hairy on set, you can always ask her to soothe things down with a group sing-along. Hand holding not mandatory.