“Love Generations” is a series of videos that brings together generations to celebrate the cultural and social influences of The Summer of Love.

What threads of influence did the counterculture have on the social, political and creative movements of today?  This series of short videos pairs up San Francisco locals with individuals from around the world to participate in The Summer of Love by exploring, and taking part in, the current climate of activism.

Together, they’ll work on a project to commemorate the spirit of the counterculture movement – with a modern twist. The two of them sharing something in common like art, music or the environment (to name a few) that will be the central theme for the project they take on.  

Where do we go from here?  While working, they’ll share their stories and thoughts on the social and political climates and leave the viewer with some tips and guidance for being an activist in their own communities.  

It’s time that people shared their passions with the world to create the change they want to see.