"Light it up."


JOHN BEHRENS | DP | Director

For the last five years running, John Behrens has been involved with shooting five films premiering at Sundance. Some might say it’s a hot streak, but to JB, it’s just part of a simple career plan: keep your eyes and ears open, work hard and have fun. It’s worked for John since his first on-set experience as a teenager. Since then, it’s been non-stop live music events, television shows, feature films and branded content for clients like Google, PlayStation, and UCSF. Shooting, directing, rigging, lighting, you name it.

Speaking of lighting, Behrens does has a particular soft spot for electrons, especially large arcs of alternating current. John performs with large Tesla Coils wearing a metal suit, along with other fire arts escapades around the globe. It definitely keeps John's perspective fresh and his sense of humor charged up. That's important in this business, whether you're working with Metallica, dyslexic kids, the Pope, lifetime politicians, or vegan athletes.

To Behrens, it's all about sticking to the plan. It's a pretty good one if you ask us.