Brand Role

“To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.” 

The Summer of Love just might have been the inspiration for the Twitter mission. By all accounts, thousands of young people gathered together that summer to share ideas and discuss issues important to them. Twitter continues the spirit of the counterculture by facilitating millions of interactions and conversations every day. We see an authentic opportunity for Twitter to be the modern-day Human Be – In. A gathering place for “Love Generations” to come together and be directed to join in the program’s projects. This time around, let’s give The Summer of Love a hit of social media and see the beautiful things that are bound to happen. 

It’s critical that the role Twitter plays in this program be authentic and genuine. Our team at Kontent Films is staffed with experienced advertising strategists and creatives who will work with you to shape this program to fit your brand's objectives.    

Social Interaction

New York, London, Tokyo. Take part in the celebration wherever you are by posting your photo on the 360 panoramic of Hippie Hill using #LoveGenerations. Be there and let your freak flag fly for all to see. 

If I were a Hippie, I’d __________. Share your voice to start your movement. Release your inner-activist using the “Love Generations” placard maker to rally your friends and tell the establishment how you’d make the world a better place. The revolution will be Tweeted! 

GIF Yourself. Select art from the Fillmore Art Shop, inpsired by the legendary Fillmore Auditorium free concert posters, and create your hippie-delic selfie GIF.


Sweepstakes — enter to win a trip to San Francisco and take part in a number of curated Summer of Love events. And be a modern Hippie by taking part in a social impact project to better a SF community, neighborhood or organization.  


We are collaborators. Ready to join hands with the Twitter brand and ad sales teams to shape the storylines to integrate potential advertisers in a relevant and honest manner.


To realize the program potential we recommend producing 4 - 6 videos (storylines). We are experienced content producers and can adjust creative to work within your budget.