Brand Role

A real trip. A real experience. The intent of the “Love Generations” series is to be an authentic extension of Airbnb’s ‘Experiences’ and ‘Social Impact’ programs. Presented as video stories, the series invites all to have a local experience in San Francisco during this timely occassion. And serves as a recruitment program to inspire individuals to create and host a local experience.     

Social Interaction

New York, London, Tokyo. Take part in the celebration wherever you are by posting your photo on the scrolling panoramic of Hippie Hill using #lovegenerations. Be there and let your freak flag fly for all to see. 

If I were a Hippie, I’d __________. Share your voice, start your movement, by releasing your inner-activist using the Love Generations placard maker to rally your friends and tell the establishment how you’d make the world a better place. 

The program will have a call to action to host, or take part in, a local Airbnb Social Impact experience.  


Sweepstakes — enter to win a trip to San Francisco to take part in a number of Airbnb curated Summer of Love experiences and a social impact projects, and mellow out in the Airbnb Haight-Ashbury Hippie House. 


We will work with the Airbnb brand team to develop a media and content distribution plan. 


A ballpark estimate: $50K - 70K per video based on storyline complexity. We recommend producing 4 - 6 videos (storylines) to realize the program potential.