This year marked the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love. For some, it came and went. For us, it was a reminder to stay woke. To relook at what many regarded as hippies and freaks in a drug-fueled haze, as the generation that reimagined what was possible — in creativity, social justice, the environment and peace. We’re looking again at that wrinkle in the time-space continuum for guidance and inspiration to speak out in these current unrestful times.


Now more than ever, America needs a good dose of
The Summer of Love.

The Counterculture’s influence on social, political and creative movements was the inspiration for our upcoming series, Love Generations. We follow artists, musicians, foodies, and environmentalists from 2 generations as they collaborate and muse on a shared project. While commemorating the spirit of the counterculture movement, they explore the current climate of activism and what needs to be done. Is love all you need?



Denise Kaufman: Activist, Musician, Inspiration

While researching our latest project ‘Love Generations’ we’ve met some really wonderful activists from the cultural revolution of the 60’s. Denise Kaufman, a member of the 'Ace Of Cups' — San Francisco’s first all-female rock band, dazzled us with her life stories and experiences from opening for Jimi Hendrix in Golden Gate Park, getting arrested at UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement, to being a Founding Mother of Kauai’s Island School. We love her positive spirit and look forward to sharing her story with all of you. 

Generation WTF?

In the same spirit of youth having wisdom beyond their years, here's a piece from the Kontent archives. Created for the EDGE Funders Alliance's Just Giving Conference, young women of color remind us that our actions speak louder than words.

Long live The Summer Of Love

Inspired by the art and design of The Summer of Love the Kontent crew created some posters and digital goodies for modern hippies to download. For free! Spread the love around your office.