BRITTANY UNO | Coordinator

Not much gets by Brittany Uno. Maybe because she was an All-Star Division 1 collegiate softball player. Uh, not that slow pitch, high arc stuff, but that arm-cranking, 60 mile per hour fast-pitch softball. Zowie! And like any great catcher, Britt was involved in every play of the game, which is how she likes it at Kontent.

She not only comforts and encourages her team, Uno calls the plays. Whether by email, on the phone, or in person, Brittany is the first point of contact and directs any and all inquiries to where they need to go. And with her infectious laugh, she’ll make sure there’s good times along the way. At her previous gig as a crowdfunding specialist, Uno also excelled at motivating her teams to reach their goals. Did we also mention she’s good at swinging a bat?