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AMBIKA JAIN | Producer

As unassuming as Ambika seems, that's the last thing you should assume about her. She is a passionate media professional having shot, edited, and produced over 200 impactful and influential videos in five continents (as well as 35,000 feet up in the air).  Jain's clients include Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, Sonos, eHealth, Asus, Dannon, and SPRING Accelerator. She scopes and creates deliverables tailored to each project’s unique needs with end-to-end experience.  That also includes digital marketing efforts such as producing online advertisements, curating online communities, and analyzing data for insights for both  the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

A Bay Area native, Ambika has been deeply involved with the local film community and has served on the Board of Directors for the SF Green Film Festival, and Bay Area Women in Film and Media. When Ambika’s eyes are not focused on a screen, she can be found hiking, running, and cooking vegetarian meals for her friends and family. Who would have assumed that?