Last week we got back from an awesome road trip to place the long term time lapse cameras. I was lucky enough to have with me 3 guys who were integral to the camera placing process: Mark Decena, the director of the River Red film, John Behrens, our DP, and Fearghal Odea. Thanks guys.

We started off by traveling to Lake Powell and placed a camera high on a bluff. From there, we went to Moab, Utah and met up with Karen- a long time resident of Moab and whose love of the River was infectious. We placed a camera on the banks of the mighty colorado to watch as it transitions from high water to low. Thank you Karen! A day later, up in Granby, Colorado, we placed two cameras to capture images of the snow melt- believe it or not, there was still a lot of snow on the ground and we’ll ‘be there’ as it melts.

Check out this video of Lake Powell’s long term time-lapse camera placement.

Here are more behind the scenes photos from the trip.

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