Hi – Forrest here, one of the guys behind the scenes at Kontent.

Our latest project is a documentary – The River Red – about the Colorado River Basin, water use and water ethics. The River is the life blood of 30 million people making it one of the most dibbled, diverted and dammed body of water on earth. We dont want it to be another talking head, doom and gloom documentary. It’s going to be fun and edgy; part animation, part creative film making, part beautifully shot vérité and portraiture.

I’ve brainstormed with Director Mark Decena a lot about how to best show the intricacies of the Colorado. I’ve come up with an idea for setting long term time lapse rigs out for a couple of months to condense the change of seasons into amazing visuals. For example they can be placed in a snow covered valley as it empties of all its snow; or on the banks of Lake Mead to witness its water level rising up 20 feet. Or, maybe a farm to capture the cycle of the human curated life the river supports.

These sorts of supplimental shots aren’t covered by the approved budget, so I’ve turned to Kickstarter and you for help. We are thrilled that we have now surpassed our project goal and are ready to move forward. Thank you to everyone who has helped make a difference. Check out our project for more info.